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From the people
From the people
“There are few people you meet in life that inspire you every time you see them, and Kai is one of a kind. Whether you’re designing a custom hat with her, watching her grow the business from afar, juggle the obstacles that life throws her way, or launch a completely new line of her business, you can’t help but watch in awe and want to support her. She treats every client with incredible grace no matter if it’s your first hat or 10th (it’s addicting!!) She makes you fall in love with the process, dream, and goal of creating something magical and timeless. If you’ve met Kai you know her hats are just a finished product of perfection, but the passion, purpose, and inspiration are what make you come back for more”
— Jacqui G
From the people
Kai has perfected the classic Trucker hat with great colors and customization options keeping it unique. Fit is super comfortable while providing good shade! 10/10
— Ally T
From the people
Kai has been a friend of mine for a long time, and when she told me that she started to design and make hats for people I was super happy for her. I went on her website and saw some of the hats and they were beautiful but not quite my style as I like a more worn in, beat up, rugged hat that looks like it has a few stories to tell. Kai told me she would be happy to work with me to design something that fit my style. She came up with some incredible ideas and made me a one-of-a-kind hat that is truly a piece of art. Her design was so creative and she took all of my thoughts and ideas and made them even better than what I was imagining. The quality of the hat is top-notch and I have quite a few hats to compare it to. I’m always happy to support a friend and sometimes I am left disappointed, but I am so incredibly happy with the quality, creative vision and turnaround time. My new hat is now one of the favorite hats that I own. Thanks Kai
— Victor W.

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